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Gokhale Memorial Girls' College Faculty

Sri. Prasanta Kumar Pal

Qualification: M.A.(J.U.),M.Phil (C.U.)
Designation: Assistant professor
Department: History
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Teaching Experience:

  • Teaching in the Department of History Gokhale Memorial College as assistant professor from 18th july, 2014 till date.
  • Taught as Govt. approved part-time lecturer in the Depertment of History, Hooghly Mohsin College from 19th   July, 2010 to 14th July, 2014.


Area of Interest:

  • Urban History,Local History, Socio-cultural History of Ninteenth Century Bengal, History of Medicine in Bengal.


Research Details:

  • Awarded MPhil in history from Calcutta University for the topic entitled: "শহর চুঁচুড়ার সামাজিক ও সাংস্কৃতিক রূপরেখা(১৮৩৩খ্রীঃ-১৯০০খ্রীঃ)"
  • Pursuing PhD from Calcutta University on the topic: Changing Face of Hooghly (1600th - 1900th Century)