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NSS Activities

NSS Activities

The NSS unit of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College was formally initiated in 2015. Dr. Gautam Mahata, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry is in charge of the unit and the Programme Officer. The College has taken a very positive effort in motivating the students to participate actively in the programmes that are to be organized by the NSS unit.

Programmes that are likely to be organized by the college under the guidance of the College NSS Unit would include blood donation camp, health check up camp, social outreach programmes and the like.





Seven-day special camp from 10th April to 16th April

A Seven-day special camp on health and social awareness was organized from 10th April to 16th April in association with Baruipur Sitakundu Sneha Kunja (BSSK) and Indian Cancer Society in Baruipur Sitakundu Sneha Kunja (BSSK) campus. The main moto of this special camp was to provide free medical aid to the poor villagers and build up social awareness among them about health, hygiene and sanitations. View Gallery



Tree plantation programme on 10th April, 2019.

NSS UNIT-1 of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College organized a tree plantation programme on 10th April, 2019. View Gallery



NSS unit-1 organized a campus cleaning drive on 1st April, 2019.

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Donations were sent to the Kerala Flood Relief Fund on 4th August,2018 by the NSS UNIT-1 and Social Outreach Committee

Donations were sent to the Kerala Flood Relief Fund on 4th August,2018 by the NSS UNIT-1 and Social Outreach Committee in collaboration with 'GUNJ; a voice, an effort'; a non-profitable NGO.



NSS unit-1 organized a health consciousness programme on 28th September, 2018.

A health consciousness programme was organized by NSS UNIT-1 in the college campus in association with Vivo Healthcare Institute,Kolkata on 28.09.18.




154th Birthday of Swami Vivekananda

On 12/01/2016, student leaders of the NSS Unit 1 of Gokhale Memorial Girl's College participated in a programme organized by NSS Unit of University of Calcutta at the University College Street Campus to celebrate the 154th Birthday of Swami Vivekananda. They were accompanied by Dr. Sarthak Roy Chowdhury (NSS Coordinator, Gokhale Memorial Girls CollegeUnit 1) and Smt. Sarama Das (Teacher Member of NSS Unit 1). View Gallery



NSS Activity on 5th December 2015

A "Handicraft Mela" was organized by the student members of NSS Unit - I of the College along with four NGOs on 5th December 2015 in the college grounds. Handmade articles were displayed for sale by the NGOs. Students brought food materials for sale. The proceeds of both would be used for the benefit of the downtrodden represented by the NGOs. View Gallery


NSS Activity on 05 Jun 2015

Student members along with the NSS Co-ordinator and other teacher members of the NSS Unit-I of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College took part in the programme organized by the University of Calcutta at the University Rowing Club to celebrate the World Environment Day. The day was also observed as "NO PLASTIC DAY" in the College.

Student members of NSS Unit-I organized a "CAMPUS CLEANING" drive in the college grounds.

Student members of NSS Unit-I, teachers and non-teaching staff actively participated in a "TREE PLANTATION PROGRAMME" tree plantation programme on the same day.  View Gallery


NSS Activity 09 May 2015
The NSS Unit of the College was invited by the University of Calcutta NSS wing (Vide letter No.NSS/PVC/72/15-Dated:30/04/2015) to attend the Rabindra Jayanti Programme held on 09/05/2015 in the Centenary Hall, University of Calcutta. Seven student representatives and Smt. Sarama Das, Member, NSS Committee attended the programme.  View Gallery


NSS Activity 08 May 2015
NSS Unit-1 of the college organized a campus cleaning and plantation programme on 08-05-2015 in the college campus. It was conducted by the NSS student leaders and Members of the NSS Committee. 40 students from different departments participated in this programme. View Gallery


NSS Activity 19 Feb 2015
A "Cancer Awareness Programme" was organized under the National Service Scheme (NSS), Unit - I of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College in association with Indian Cancer Society on 19th February, 2015 at 1.00 pm at Sarala Ray Memorial Hall, Kolkata-20. The progamme was inaugurated by Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) of the University of Calcutta. Dr. Arunabha Sengupta and Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Das delivered valuable lectures regarding cancer awareness. Around 120 students registered their names for this programme. View Gallery