To develop and empower women through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West.

Gokhale Memorial Girls' College Publications

College Journal

An academic journal named "Academia: GMGC" (ISSN No. ISSN 2348-7054) is published by the College every year. The first issue of the journal was published in 2014 and was launched by eminent academician Dr. Nabanita Deb Sen on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the year-long Platinum Jubilee Celebrations held in the College.

This journal is uniquely inclusive in that, it is cross-disciplinary and contains scholarly discourses of both student and teacher writers of Gokhale Memorial girls' college. Paper contributions are also invited from the Alumni of the College and academicians from other institutions.

Departmental Journal

The Bengali Department has its own journal, "Protitee". Students not only contribute write-ups, stories and verses but draw the cover design and help to publish it.