To develop and empower women through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West.

Gokhale Memorial Girls' College Research Activities

Research Cell

The College encourages the culture of individual as well as inter-disciplinary approach to research activities. It has a Research Cell which monitors and conducts the various research projects initiated by the departments. The Cell also conducts centralized research projects involving the teachers and students of various departments with the help of institutional support in the form of a separate space with moderate infrastructural facilities. 

The following research projects have been completed or are ongoing.

  • Ongoing UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. Kuldip Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Hindi entitled, "Guru Granth Sahib mein Santon ki Vani: Vartaman Samajik Sarokar"
    Period of study: 2014-2016
    U.G. C. Reference No. F.PHW-068/14-15 (ERO)
  • Ongoing INSA Major Project by Dr. Mala Bhattacharya & Dr. Purabi Mukherjee (Department of Mathematics) entitled, "Compilation of Classified Bibliographies and Assessment of Research Work Done in Different Grant Branches in Mathematics in the Eastern Zone in India during 19th & 20th Century". Proposal has been sent to the Indian National Science Academy, Madhavendra Narayan, Bahadur Shah Zafor Marg, New Delhi. The project commenced on 01.07. 2013 and is ongoing.
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. E.S. Paul, Associate Professor, Department of English
    Title: "Fantasy Land - Fantasy in Selective Children Fiction". The report was submitted in 2015
  • Completed College Project: The College encourages the culture of inter-disciplinary approach to research activities and thus a project entitled "Virtual or Actual : The Preferred Reality of Our Urban Youth" was conducted by the students under the supervision of Dr. Lapita Sarkar (faculty, Dept. of Economics) and Dr. Sarmila Sarkar (Faculty, Dept. of History) during the session 2012-13 . The subjects and data collectors of this micro-study spanned across all departments of the college and the report was submitted in April 2015.
    Objective: At this stage of technological advancement resulting in instant accessibility and information, it is imperative to integrate the youth's penchant for accessing the internet and social networking into the teaching-learning process for our Urban Youth.
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. Lapita Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of Economics:
    Title : "Non-Farm Employment Generation and Demand For Health Services"
    Period of study: 2012-2014
    Report was submitted in January 2015.
  • Inter-discipline Guidance in Research: In 2014, Smt. Swagata Ray, an alumni and Guest Lecturer of the Department of Psychology interacted with other faculty members, namely, Dr. Ballari Roy Chowdhury (Department of Bengali), Smt. Krishnakali Chakraborty Banerjee (Department of Philosophy) and Dr. Sumita Mukherjee (former Faculty, Department of Psychology) to obtain their expert comments for a pilot study for her doctoral thesis in the area of "Moral Cognition and Evaluation" .
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. Sarmila Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of History:
    Title: "The Urban Space, Image and Subtext: Visual Representation of the City of Calcutta/Kolkata (1788 - 2010)".
    Period of study: 2010-2012.
    Project was submitted in July 2013.
  • Completed INSA Major Project by Dr. Mala Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics (jointly with Dr. Purabi mukherjee and research assistant, Smt.Nandita Mallik ) - "Pioneer Mathematicians and their Role in Calcutta University during 19th and 20th Century" . Proposal was sent to Indian National Science Academy, Madhavendra Narayan, Bahadur Shah Zafor Marg, New Delhi and the period of study was from 01.02.2010 to 28.02.2013. A Book entitled, "Pioneer Mathematicians of Calcutta University" has been published by the University of Calcutta based on this project.
  • Completed Three-Year Collaborative Research by the Department of Psychology Gokhale Memorial Girl's College, Kolkata, India jointly with the Centre for Linguistics and Philology University of Oxford, UK - a Major Research Project on Neuro-Linguistics and Psycholinguistics, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) since February 2012. The project entitled, "Words : Assymetry, Change and Processing in Phonological Mental Representation" being conducted under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Aditi Lahiri, Senior Faculty of the above-mentioned centre.
    The Faculty, the Alumni and the students of the Department of Psychology were inducted in the project as Research Assistants and subjects, while student volunteered from other departments also and participated as subjects.
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. Reshmi Panda Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi
    Title : "Hindi ke Sahityik Patrikaon ke Bhavishya".
    Period of Study: 2010 - 2012
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. E.S. Paul, Associate Professor, department of English
    Topic: "2008 - 2010 Rediscovering India - A Study of Novels Translated into English". Report was submitted in 2010.
  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project by Dr. Sudeshna Kar Barua, Associate Professor, Department of English.
    Title: "Machiavelli and Machiavellian Villains: A Re-Interpretation"
    UGC Reference No.F.PHW059/09-10 (ERO) dated September 07, 2009.
    Period of study: 17.09.09 to 16.06.11.
    The study sought to re-interpret the work of a man designated a "villain and a devil in disguise" and in the process to show how Machiavelli had been unjustly maligned. The Project also demanded a re-assessment of Machiavellian stage villains, so termed as they were thought, through centuries, to be cast in Machiavelli's mould.