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Department of Communicative English

Communicative English as a Vocational Degree Course was introduced in Gokhale Memorial Girls' College under the aegis of the English Department of the Institution in 1994. In accordance with the guidelines of the University Grants Commission, the three-year Course aims at training students for direct employment after graduation. The syllabus includes both Theory and Practical components. Students are taught Language and Pronunciation Skills along with Interviewing, Demonstration Broadcasting, Anchoring and Telecasting Skills. They are taught to prepare Project Reports and this involves research and field work as well as first-hand job experience through a four-week internship in the Media sector.


  • This is a profession-oriented course.
  • It has a high rate of placement after graduation.
  • The Teaching Staff of this department consists of the full-time faculty of the Department of English and Guest Faculty, adequately trained to teach Phonetics, Linguistics, Modern methods of Language teaching, Media Studies and Research Methodology.
  • There are Guest Lecturers with specialized knowledge required to teach public relations and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Students of this Department are taught to interact with examiners, participate in group discussions and so on.
  • Computer training is mandatory for these students who are trained specially for the job market.


  • Employment opportunities after graduation in Sales and Marketing, Front-desk Management, Customer Care, Teaching Communication in Technical Institutes, Journalism, English Language teaching, Script writing, Editing and Publishing, Mass media and Copywriting.
  • Opportunities for Higher Studies (Post graduate degrees and diplomas) in Linguistics, English Language Teaching (ELT), Media Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, Management, etc.


Students from this department have graduated with distinction. The success rate of students in the subject is 100% and they make the Department proud by securing 1st Class marks on most occasions and also becoming University rank holders. On account of the training received, students of this department have been have been absorbed in as varied professional fields as public relations, teaching, mass media and print journalism, as well as front-desk, customer care and sales positions. They have been employed by Media Houses like Telegraph, NDTV, Corporate Houses like Lakme Enterprises, Jalan Distributors etc. Many are working in the IT sector companies such as TCS, IBM, WIPRO. All Communicative English students are required to take up English and either Philosophy or History as their elective subjects and find employment in schools too. Those interested in higher studies have opted for a post-graduate degree in Linguistics, Film Studies etc. Students from this department have graduated with distinction and the majority has been absorbed in as varied professional fields as public relations, teaching, mass media and print journalism, as well as front-desk, customer care and sales positions.

Elective Subject Combination

for Communicative English (B.A.) as Major Subject
  1. Elective English and Philosophy
  2. B.A. (Major): Elective English and History


Special Information


Students seeking admission with Communicative English shall have to undergo a compulsory computer training course at Gokhale Memorial Girls' College Computer Centre.




Smt. Monami Ghosh 

M.A., MPhil, PG Diploma
Designation : SACT - II

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Smt. Sejuti Chowdhuri

Designation : SACT - II

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Non-teaching Office Staff

Rupa Sen (Office Clerk)

Shibraj Sarkar (Office Clerk)

Mr. Subhodeep Majumder (Office Clerk) (office 1)





The department, in collaboration with the Department of English and the IQAC, organised and successfully hosted a three-day event titled Infinite Ray. The second day was marked by a quiz competition and the two-member GMGC team that qualified for the final round comprised students from the Department of Communicative English. Other students also actively participated in the quiz and essay-writing competitions. They have also cooperated with the faculty members in successfully hosting the mega event.


Annual Exhibition

The Department of Communicative English participated in the Annual Exhibition hosted by the college. The theme which the students of the department centred their presentations and activities around was Popular Media : Radio, Television and the Digital Universe. The students at the Radio booth modelled as a Radio Station interacted actively with the visitors and guests, conducted live quiz sessions, performed radio-format scripts and played music with corresponding background information provided on the same. The television booth modelled as a television channel hosted live chat shows and panel discussions by our students. The Games and Open Mic Booth was alive with participation throughout the day.



A picnic was organised for the students in collaboration with the Department of English. The venue was Taki.



Teacher's Day Celebration

The students of the department organised a Teacher's Day Celebration. The students have also organised Farewell and Freshers' Welcome. Additionally, students have participated in various extra-curricular events representing the college on several platforms. The students have performed within-the-classroom skits from time to time along with debate and impromptu speaking sessions.




The Departments of English and Communicative English organised a special lecture titled "Cinema, Fiction and History". The lecture was delivered by Srijit Mukherjee and was followed by an interactive session.


Annual Exhibition

The Department of Communicative English participated in the annual exhibition and presented installations on the theme, "Radio and its evolution", followed by discussions, quiz games and mock live radio shows.




The Departments of English and Communicative English went on a picnic to Nirala Resort, Deulti, Howrah






Students of the Department participated in Annual Sports 2014 and Badminton tournament (1.12.2014-5.12.2014). Camellia Paul of the Department reached the Quarter Finals of the tournament.

Students of the Department participated in the PC Chandra Glam Delite Diva contest held in the College on 06.12.14. Madhura Steffi Roy of 2nd year Communicative English became the 2nd runner-up in the contest.

Camelia Paul of 2nd year Communicative English was awarded the 3rd prize in the Annual Creative Writing Competition, organised by Gokhale Memorial Girls' College on 18.12.14.

Students took part in the Departmental picnic at Narendrapur on 11.1.15.

On 24.01.15, students of 2nd year Communicative English participated in the Fashion Show Competition in Xavotsav, 2015, hosted by St. Xavier's College. Theme- 'All Seven Sins.'

Participation in NSS - On 19.02.15 - Students of 2nd year Communicative English participated as members and campus volunteers in the Cancer Awareness Programme conducted by the National Service Scheme (NSS)- Unit 1 of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College at Sarala Ray Memorial Hall.

Students of Communicative English participated as campus volunteers and participants in the Inter-college Photography Competition organised by Child Rights and YOU (C.R.Y) on 01.03.15 at Sarala Ray Memorial Hall

A Workshop on "Survey Based Report Writing: Planning and Execution" was conducted by Dr Meenakshi Krishnan, Associate Professor Barrackpore Rashtraguru Surendranath Collegeand Resource Person, British Council, India on 23.03.2015 . Students benefited greatly from the workshop.


A workshop on survey-based project report was conducted by Dr. Minakshi Krishnan, a renowned ELT expert and Associate Professor, Rasthraguru Surendranath College, Kolkata, on 23-03-15, in which besides CMEV students, other students from Departments of Philosophy, History and ASPSM also participated.



Other Activities

Students are members of the various clubs of the College and participate in various events. Arunima Dey of the 3rd Year is the Secretary of the Cultural club. Camellia Paul of the 2nd year is the Joint Secretary of the Literary Club. She stood 3rd in the Flash-fiction story writing competition organized by the Literary Club on 26.05.2015. She also works as a freelance writer and critic for The Telegraph, t2

Oishee Mitra of the 2nd year is an amateur photographer and has held exhibitions of her photographs in Kolkata.