To develop and empower women through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West.

Department of History

History Honours is being taught in this college for over 25 years with a high success rate. Students obtain First class marks and in 2007 Sumana Chatterjee stood First Class Third in the Final University Examination

Lectures are delivered in English, however, discussions are conducted in Bengali for the benefit of Bengali medium students. The Library is also well stocked with English / Bengali version reference books and text books.

Students are encouraged to learn reference work and be creative through individual and group projects like articles for the College Magazine and wall presentations.

Special lectures by visiting faculty is arranged and students are taken on day tours to a place of historical interest as often as possible.



Students graduating from this department regularly secure admission for Post Graduate studies in Calcutta, Jadavpur and Rabindra Bharati Universities. Archaeology and Museology are possible options as also various Diploma courses in Journalism, Tourism etc.

Quite a few of our students are pursuing successful careers as School Teachers, College Lecturers and Journalists. One student was accepted to TATA Institute of Social Sciences and is now working as HRD manager. History Students can also branch out to Gender Studies and Comparative Literature for Post Graduation.

Elective Subject Combinations

for History (B.A.) as Honours subject

  1. Political Science and Education
  2. Philosophy and Education
  3. Education and Elective English
  4. Philosophy and History
  5. Geography and Elective Bengali
  6. History and Elective English
  7. Education and Sanskrit
  8. Political Science and Elective Bengali
  9. Political Science and Hindi
  10. Philosophy and Hindi
  11. Geography and Elective English




Sri. Prasanta Kumar Pal

M.A.(J.U.), M.Phil (C.U.)
Designation : Assistant Professor

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 Dr.Sarmila Sarkar

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D in History from Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Designation: Associate Professor

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Sharmi Chakraborty

Dr. Sharmi Chakraborty

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D in History
Designation : Associate Professor

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Sharmi Chakraborty

Smt. Sanjukta De

M.A., M.Phil
Designation : SACT - I

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On 29 April '22, Department of History held a Students' seminar and Special lecture on the topic of The " Elite" and the "Popular" in the Renaissance phenomenon. The students of Semesters 6 and 4, individually or in clusters spoke on the above theme, forming two groups. Semester 6 spoke on the Bengal Renaissance while Semester 4 focused on Italian Renaissance, these two topics being part of their respective syllabi currently. Dr. Suparna Ghosh, Associate Professor, Loreto College Kolkata was the adjudicator. It was not a contest, rather an evaluation by an external resource person and an effort to nurture team spirit, presentation skills and self confidence, among the students. The results were more than satisfactory and Dr. Suparna Ghosh summed up the session nicely adding an interesting angle of her own. Students enjoyed the diversion from the tedium of classrooms while being thoroughly engaged with the teaching-learning process.


On 22 August,Alumni Association and Department of History, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College came together to present a special lecture by Aniket De of Harvard University. As the first of its kind, it was a very successful venture.


















In the session 2015-16, two bright students of Presidency University, namely- Jagyosheni Mondal and Arkomitra Ghatak, spent time with our students as part of our newly introduced Peer Mentoring Program.








Projects undertaken and completed by the students of 1st year in 2015

  • Women in Ancient India: By Subhachatterjee, Konkona Banerjee, Priya Sarkar
  • Women in Gupta Age: By Priyanka Rath, Sramana Mukherjee, Ankita Gupta
  • Women in Vedic Age: By Sanchita Guha Biswas, Sanandita Chanda,Srijita Das, Kamalika Sengupta
  • Stridhana: By Anisha Sengupta, Moitrayee Ghosh, Aishi Bhanja Chowdhury

Projects undertaken and completed by the students of 1st year in 2014

  • Gandhara Art: By Perna Mukherjee, Writuja Bandyopadhyay, Shreyasha Biswas, Usashi Santra, Megha Bagchi.