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Department of Mathematics

The honours course in Mathematics was started in the college in the year 1986. There are four permanent faculty and other guest faculty to take care of the students. Total no. of seats in Honours course is 33. Department maintains a consistently good academic record in the university examinations.


  • There exists a close relation between teachers and students in the department.
  • Tutorials are taken at regular intervals for the academic upliftment of the students concerned.
  • Students are given assignments on different topics to keep them occupied during vacations.
  • Besides Central Library the department also maintains a Library for textbooks for the benefit of the students.
  • Special lectures and seminars including UGC sponsored ones are organized at regular intervals on different topics related to the honours curriculum. Students are also taken to other institutes for attending lectures whenever such opportunities arise.
  • Two faculty members of the department are involved in a Major Research project with financial support from Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.
  • Every student in the department is encouraged to give seminars on topics related to the course to have confidence and grasp over the subject.
  • Students of the department take part in various college activities like publication of departmental magazine, wall magazine, wall posters, social work and cultural activities.
  • The department organizes parent - teacher meeting from time to time to appraise the guardians about the progress of their wards.
  • Student research project has been initiated.
  • Students are involved in NPTEL online courses


Mathematics is the core subject for all Science and Technology combinations. So, an Honours Degree in Mathematics is not only a prerequisite for studying Post Graduate Courses in Mathematics in various Universities, it is also a prerequisite for pursuing further studies in the areas of Computer Applications, Engineering and Technology, Business and Administration, etc.

Elective Subject Combinations

for Mathematics (B.Sc.) as Honours subject
  1. Physics and Chemistry
  2. Physics and Economics




Dr Mala Bhattacharyya

Ph D in Mathematics
Designation : Associate Professor

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 Dr. Jayjayanti Ray

M. Sc, Ph. D.
Designation: Associate Professor

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 Dr. Gokul Saha

M.Sc, Ph.D.,B.Ed.
Designation : Assistant Professor 

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 Dr. Sougata Biswas (On-lien)

M.Sc in Mathematics and Computing (IIT Guwahati)
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics
Designation: Assistant Professor
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Activities of the Department of Mathematics


  • Anuska Bhattacharya, Ankita Dey (Semester-4, MTMA) - Participation in Madhava Mathematics Competition - A Mathematics Competition for Undergraduate Students, Round 1. (7th February, 2021)
  • Anuska Bhattacharya (Semester-4, MTMA) was selected as top 1% participants in Regional Centre Kolkata, in Madhava Mathematics Competition, Round 2 (15th February, 2021)
  • Suchona Basu (Semester-6,MTMA) participated in the Business Idea on Weaving Dreams for "Social Entrepreneurship, Swachhata and Rural Engagement Cell" Cluster Level Competitions for Higher Educational Institutions in Association with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education.(20.02.2021)
  • Anuska Bhattacharya & Ananya Sarkar (present 2nd yr MTMA students) --Selected for Online Follow-up Courses for MTTS 2020 and OFCM 2020 participants, Follow-Up: Gateway to Real Analysis (Participated from 8th February- 14th March, 2021)
  • Sreya Ghosh (Semester-6,MTMA) participated in the programme "স্মরণে গণেতজ্ঞ শ্রীণিবাস রামািুজি" Organized by Dept of Mathematics- Netaji Nagar Day College (26.04.2021).
  • Ananya Sarkar (Semester-4 MTMA), Participated in the International webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Data science
    Organized by- Department of Software Development, B.Voc. Studies & IQAC, Asutosh College (11-12th June, 2021)
  • Shreya Ghosh (Semester-6 MTMA), Sudeshna Paul (Semester-4 MTMA) - The two students of the department were selected for Summer Internship in Mathematics, at undergraduate level from 15th June till 31st July 2021 (Phase-I: From 15th June, 2021-30th June 2021, Phase-II: From 5th July, 2021-31st July 2021) conducted by The Department of Mathematics of The Heritage College.
    The students have successfully completed Phase-I and are continuing Phase-II.
  • All the students of Department of Mathematics participated in the One Day National Webinar and Panel Discussion on Academic and Professional Career Advancement Opportunities after Graduation in Pure Science Jointly organized by Departments of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College on 10 th July, 2021.





  • 1st year students of the department participated in Poster presentation on tobacco free campus in the college on 13 August 2019.
  • The Department of Mathematics organized a "One day Seminar on Mathematics in Ancient India" on 11 September 2019. The eminent speakers were Prof. Ranjan Das of Serampore College and Prof. ParthaSarathi Mukhopadhyay of Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission Residential College.
  • The following 1st year students of the department participated in the college Annual Day function held on 27 september 2019:
    Dance- Anuska Bhattacharya , Subhanjali pramanik, Priti Sarkar
    Singing - Srijita Shee
  • All the 1st year & 2nd year students of the department participated in the Students' Seminar, January, 2020 organized by the Department of Mathematics.
  • Participation/Awards won by the students of Department of Mathematics in College Annual Sports held on 15.02.2020:
      Suruti Gupta (1st year MTMA-2020) won 3rd position in the Arithmetic Race in College Annual Sports held on 15.02.2020.
      1st year MTMA students (2020) - Suruti Gupta, Urusha Muttalib, Sneha Naskar, Priti Sarkar, Subhanjali Pramanik, Tun Modak, Barnisha Bhattacharjee, Joyita saha.
      2nd yr. MTMA Students (2020) - Lipika Sutradhar, Parna Saha, Dona Saha, Labanya Banerjee participated in the Arithmetic Race & Needle Thread Race.
  • Shweta Shaw (3rd yr. MTMA 2020) got campus placement at TCS.
  • All the students of the Department of Mathematics participated in the College Annual Exhibition held on 29.02.2020.
  • All the MTMA students of 2nd year (Semester-4 2020) participated in the Special Lecture on Mathematical Logic by Sri Masiur Rahaman Sardar (Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, City College, Kolkata -09), Organized by the Mathematics Department of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College on 6.3.2020.
  • Sreya Ghosh, a student of MTMA Semester-6 participated in
      International Webinar on " Materials and Methods for Bio-Applications" by the physics department of Sacred Heart College (07.07.2020)
      State Level Webinar on "A Cosmic Voyage" by New Alipore College, Kolkata (24.07.2020)
      One-Day Workshop on "Online Learning Methodology using Google Classroom" by K K Das College, Kolkata (14.08.2020)
      Seminar on "Space-time Mysteries from Newton to Einstein to Hawking" (1.08.2020); Seminar on "The Story of the Sunspots" (8.08.2020); Seminar on " Artemis- Humanity's Return to the Moon" (23.08.2020)
      by Sky Watcher's Association, Kolkata.
  • Sreya Ghosh (Semester-6,MTMA) won 2nd position in the English Writing Competition in the Event "Pen It" by Capture the Vibe online platform (page).(24.08.2020)
  • Sreya Ghosh (Semester-6,MTMA) won 2nd position in the Online art competition on "Mental Health Awareness" by Weaving Minds & LPD community (12.09.2020)
  • Anuska Bhattacharya & Ananya Sarkar (Semester-4 MTMA students) --Selected for participation Online Foundation Course in Mathematics (OFCM) 2020, Organised by MTTS Trust, Director : Prof. S. Kumaresan (participated from 4th October - 24th October, 2020)
  • Priti Sarkar (Semester-4, MTMA) was selected from India in the senior group Sydney 2021 International online Dance competition (29th May - 5th June, 2020).
    She won 3rd position in senior group Dance & Music Prerana shree International Online Dance competition (24th July, 2020)
    She also won 2nd position in senior group (classical dance) in the International online competition 2020 by Rasa Prativa (30th October, 2020).





  • A first year student Rupkatha Laha has been selected in Summer School for Women Mathematics and Statistics to be held in ICTS, TIFR Bangalore, India.
  • Special lecture in the department of mathematics on "NUMERICAL METHODS" by Prof. Ranjan Das of Sreerampur College in 2018.
  • Special lecture in the Department of Mathematics on "INTEGRAL EQUATION AND ITS APPLICATIOS " by Prof. Sudheshna Banerjee of Jadavpur University in 2017.
  • Special lecture in the Department of Mathematics on "REAL ANALYSIS " by Prof. Dilip Kumar Ganguly of University of Calcutta in 2016.
  • A Special Lecture session was held in the Department of Mathematics on 28th November, 2014 on -Dynamical Systems-. The lecture was delivered by Professor Sumita Basu of Bethune College.
  • Maitrayee Sinha (2nd year) of the department won 1st prize in Annual Dance competition (Sept. 2014) held in the college.
  • Trinanjana Choudhury (1st year) of the department won 3rd prize in Annual Recitation competition (Sept. 2014) held in the college.
  • Swetlana Jha (1st year) of the department won a medal for securing first position in Annual sports (22nd Dec., 2014) of the college.
  • Participation of staff & students in -Rashtriya Ekta Divas- (National Unity Day) (2014) programme.
  • Three students of first year Mathematics Honours , 2014-15 [ Priyanka Biswas, Ishita Seth, Tanusha Agarwal ] awarded certificates in the successive completion of the Certification Program (workshop) in Financial Markets (Basics) conducted by CUCSE-CEFM (2/2/15 - 6/2/15) at the Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata-1.
  • Some of the students [ Priyanka Biswas, Ishita Seth, Ankita Dutta, Sonia Singh ] participated in a Lecture session organized by the college, entitled -Imagining Knowledge- by Prof. Swapan Chakraborty of Jadavpur University, on 14th February, 2015.
  • A Students- Seminar for 1st year Honours Students held in the department on February 16, 2015. Sarnali Chattopadhyay won the First Prize.
  • Participation in Cancer Awareness Programme (Recently organized by N.S.S. of our college on 19th February, 2015).
  • A student of First Year (Sneha Das) participated in Artkshetra, an initiative by Saanj in association with TTIS, March 2015. Her creation was acknowledged and praised in the leading news paper, TELEGRAPH (2nd March, 2015 issue).
  • Participation of teachers & 3rd year students in the National Seminar on DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS, organized by the Indian Society of Non-linear Analysts (ISNA) on 3-4 March, 2015.
  • Students of 1st year MTMA paid tribute to Bhaskara-II and Ramanujan on -National Science Day- ( 28th February, 2015 ), through posters.
  • Almost all the students of 1st year & 2nd year MTMA prepared wall magazines & posters on current mathematical topics on April & May 2015.
  • Participation of staff in Fire Drill on April, 2015.
  • An article entitled Mathematical Equations under Vedic Consideration, authored by Dr. Jayjayanti Ray, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics, published in Academia: GMGC (An Academic Journal of Gokhale Memorial Girls- College) Volume 2, May 2015, pp. 34-56.
  • A manuscript entitled Computing Difference Equations Using Cellular Automation, authored by Ms. Sreeya Ghosh, a teacher of the Department of Mathematics, published in Academia:GMGC (An Academic Journal of Gokhale Memorial Girls- College) Volume 2, May 2015, pp. 57-65.
  • A manuscript entitled Dynamic Programming and its Application, authored by Ms. Srimanti Ghosh, an alumnus and ex-student of the Department of Mathematics, published in ACADEMIA:GMGC (An Academic Journal of Gokhale Memorial Girls- College) Volume 2, May 2015, pp. 200-205.
  • A book entitled Pioneer Mathematicians of Calcutta University authored by Dr. (Ms) Purabi Mukherji and Dr. Mala Bhattacharjee, teachers of the Department of Mathematics released by the VC of University of Calcutta on 25.06.2015.
  • Inter-college Poster Competition 1 :
    First prize won by the Department of Mathematics, GMGC [Trinanjana Choudhury-1st yr., Sarnali Chattopadhyay, 1st yr., Sayani Ghoshal-2nd yr.] in the Inter-college Poster competition, 2015 [Theme: Addressing Mathematical Problems : Learning from Ancient Indian Traditions], organized by the Department of Mathematics of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir, Belur Math, Howrah, on 26th February, 2015.
  • Inter-college Poster Competition 2 :
    An inter-college poster competition was held on 13.08.2015. The topic was, "A Brief Life Sketch of Sir Asutosh Mookerjee".