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Department of Physics

The Physics Department of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College, affiliated to the University of Calcutta, started its journey as a General Course in 1961. The college started a Baccalaureate Degree program in Physics Honours for the first time in the academic Session 2012-2013. Currently the department is managed by five fulltime Faculty members. Our focus is not just on teaching text materials and the art of writing good answers, but also on developing technical skills and innovation and overall development of the students. Class tests, quizzes are organised in a regular interval as a part of formative assessment. Students are also encouraged to deliver lectures and presentations on Students' Seminar as a preparatory step to research activities in future. Such activities help developing personality, fluency in English and enhance their ability to withstand situations like interviews etc. Eminent speakers are invited to talk in seminars organized by the department. This is to motivate students and make them aware of cutting-edge research areas. Students are also encouraged to contribute to College magazine, Wall magazines, read articles in the class and make interesting scientific models during the Annual Exhibition. As and when possible, teachers of the Department guide students to make the best possible use of both the departmental library as well as the central Library that has a very good collection of books, journals and e-books. Since parental guidance and monitoring is essential for the overall development and academic progress of the students, the Departmental faculty members meet with the guardians to interact with them along with their wards.


  • Tutorials at regular intervals.
  • Assignments on different topics.
  • Well stocked College Central Library.
  • A separate Departmental Seminar Library to facilitate reference work.
  • Special lectures on different topics related to the curriculum at regular intervals.
  • Presentation by students on topics related to the course.
  • Remedial classes taken by our ex-students regularly.
  • Participation of students in various college activities such as publication of Departmental Magazine, Wall Magazine and cultural activities.
  • Regular parent-teacher meeting.
  • Facilities for enrolling and attending online SWAYAM-NPTEL Courses (a project of MHRD, Govt. of India), a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc.



Physics is one of the most fascinating subjects. It is, in fact, a core subject for many science and technology branches. Hence a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Physics is a must for studying Post-graduate Courses in Physics and Applied Physics in various Universities in India and abroad. A student with a Physics Honours Degree may pursue further studies in a wide variety of fields such as Computer Application, Engineering and Technology etc. A student with a Graduate Degree in Physics can pursue Masters Degree in various IITs and other prestigious universities/institutes. One may also join in theoretical as well as experimental research activities in future.

Achievements & Prizes

After graduation our students have been admitted to Universities and Colleges that offer Post-Graduate Courses in Physics and Applied Physics also. Those less interested in 'conventional' higher study have branched out to other courses as Management, B.Tech, Bio-Physics, Computer Science, etc. Some of our students are in the Corporate World now. We are happy to mention that many of our students are working for their Doctoral Degree and there are some who are now teaching in other Institutions. Avenues are many in number and all wide open for the sincere and diligent.

  • The Sachindranath Bandyopadhyay Memorial Prize awarded to Ms. Debarati Chakraborty and Ms Sumana Mondal for securing highest marks in Physics Honours in our college in the B.Sc. University Examination 2018 & 2019 respectively.
  • The Nilima Banerjee Memorial Prize awarded to Ms Debakshi Gupta and Ms Roshmi Bhattacharyya for securing second highest marks in Physics Honours in our college in the B.Sc. University Examination 2018 & 2019 respectively.

Elective Subject Combinations

for Physics (B.Sc.) as Honours subject
  1. Mathematics and Chemistry


Laboratory infrastructure

The department of Physics has well equipped laboratories which are properly maintained and used by the students for their regular classes. Besides schedule classes Internal and University Practical Examinations are arranged and conducted in the laboratory. All the equipments are regularly cleaned and well maintained by the two laboratory attendant of the department. Computer and its accessories are well maintained through AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with reputed service provider. Inspection of laboratory's fire safety and sprinkler systems are done regularly. First-Aid Kits are always available in the laboratory.

Department has four laboratories -

  1. Physics Laboratory-1: for Electrical, Thermal and GPM physics practical classes
  2. Physics Laboratory-2(Dark Room-1): for Optical Physics practical classes
  3. Dark Room-2: for Optical Physics practical classes
  4. Electronics/Computer Laboratory: for Electronics and Computer programming practical classes





Sri. Biswajit Chowdhury

M.Sc. in Physics, NET
Designation : Assistant Professor

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 Dr. Saurabh Niyogi

M.Sc, Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor

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 Dr. Gopa Dutta Pal

M.Sc.(physics), Ph.D. (science)
Designation : SACT,Category - I
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 Dr. Debabrata Pal

M. Sc., Ph. D.
Designation : Assistant Professor

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 Dr. Shrabanti Dhar

M.Sc., Ph.D
Designation: SACT,Category - I

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Laboratory Attendant
Sri. Tapan Nag
Sri. Samar Naskar


Activities of the Physics Department

For the academic sessions 2019-20 & 2020-21 we have organized "Students' Webinar" via Google meet. Parent-Teacher Meeting was also held online for the last two sessions.
Department of Physics and Chemistry jointly organized a Two Days National Level Webinar on "Emerging Trends In Chemical & Material Sciences" where renowned physicists Dr. A.Banerjee of CU and Dr. U.N.Maiti of IIT Guwahati delivered their lectures, held on 28-29 June 2020. We provided E-Certificates to all the participants and they have also submitted feedback forms.
Department of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry jointly organized a One Day National Level Webinar and Panel discussion on "Academic and Professional Career Advancement Opportunities after Graduation in Pure Science" on 10th of July, 2021. The aim of this programme was to make the students familiar with the diverse career openings and prospects both in academic and corporate sectors after completion of their undergraduate course in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Students will get to interact with experts from various fields. Dr. Ushoshi Maitra Associate, Model Risk Quant, Morgan Stanley, Mumbai; Mrs. Debarati Mukhopadhyay WBCS Officer, Govt. of W.B. & Author; Ms. Pritha Bhunia Graduate Research Associate, University of Southern Mississippi, USA and Mr. Snehasish Chakraborty Senior Engineer (Technical), ATG Corporate, Ahmedabad was the honorable speakers of that programme from Physics background.

Students are also actively participated in different online programmes. Arpita Saha student of Semester-5 presented a poster on "Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites: Tools for understanding the Unknown about the Solar System" in Indian Planetary Science Conference-2021 organized by PRL-Ahmedabad on 25-26 February 2021. Arpita's artwork(s) for an Astrobiology Artbook was a part of Astrobiology course conducted by ACEA, AU Mumbai, BMSIS and Mars Society Australia was published on December 2020. She also selected as a Research Associate for BMSIS Young Scientist Program on June 2021.
Aditi Das and Arpita Saha of Sem-6 student attended the Virtual Introductory Summer School in Astronomy and Astrophysics organised by IUCAA during May 10 - June 11, 2021.


Flyer for the One Day National Level Webinar and Panel discussion on "Academic and Professional Career Advancement Opportunities after Graduation in Pure Science" Jointly organized by Departments of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics held on 10th of July, 2021.


One of the paintings of Ms. Arpita Saha published on an Astrobiology Artbook, Mars Society Australia.


Some glimpses of the One Day National Level Webinar and Panel discussion on "Academic and Professional Career Advancement Opportunities after Graduation in Pure Science", held on 10-07-2021


Dr. Sanjib Ghosh, Professor of Eminence, Adamas University and Former Principal of Presidency College, Kolkata at the Annual Exhibition - 2020.


Annual Exhibition - 2020


Flyer for the Two Days National Level Webinar on "Emerging Trends In Chemical & Material Sciences" held on 28-29 of June, 2020.


Certificate received by Ms Arpita Saha on successful completion of SWAYAM-NPTEL online course on "Privacy and Security in online Social Media".



Dr. Sanat Kumar Das, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences Section, Bose Institute, Kolkata delivering special lecture on "Warming Cryosphere: Atmospheric Investigations over Antarctica" at the department and also shared his experience and research works from South Pole Expedition. (in 2019)


Dr. Debiprasad Duari, the Director of M. P. Birla Planetarium, Kolkata at the Annual Exhibition - 2019


Teachers Day Celebration, 5th September-2019


Ongoing Students' Seminar (before Pandemic)



Amiya Kumar Kalidaha, Senior Scientific Officer at the Department of Higher Education delivering special lecture at the Department. (in 2018)


Ms. Debarati Chakraborty receiving The Sachindranath Bandyopadhyay Memorial Prize for securing highest marks in Physics Honours in our college in 2018.