To develop and empower women through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West.

Department of Psychology

The Psychology department is one of the earliest in the State for imparting education in Psychological studies. It is continuing with the Honours programme for more than thirty years.

The department has to its credit hundred percent success in C.U. examinations, with consistently high percentage of students securing 1st class as well as attaining rank positions in the University. Good collection of books, both in the college central Library and department, facilitate reference work.

Regular tutorials, students' seminars under the guidance of faculty members motivate students for in-depth study wherein faculty offer extra assistance during free periods. Well equipped laboratory and laboratory staff extend facility of using it beyond slotted periods.

The department has the distinction of having participated in a research project conducted by the Centre for Linguistics and Philology, Oxford University, funded by the European Research Council in 2012 and 2013.

Many distinguished alumni have made the department proud with their remarkable achievements in various fields of psychology.


Higher studies in reputed Universities with special focus on research and its applications in the various fields of psychology namely - Clinical, Guidance & Counseling, Health, Rehabilitation, Correctional, Industrial & Organizational, Neuropsychology & Cognitive Science.

Employment opportunities are plenty with specialized training (e.g P.G.Diploma.) from renowned institutes like TISS (Tata Institute For Social Sciences), NIMHANS, Bangalore and the like.

Elective Subject Combinations

for Psychology (B.A.) as Honours subject
  1. Education and Elective English

for Psychology (B.Sc.) as Honours subject

  1. Political Science and Economics
  2. Economics and Elective English
  3. Economics and Sociology



Dr. Leena Nair Sengupta

M.Sc., Ph.D
Designation : Associate Professor

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 Dr. Moon Moon Dutta

M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor

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Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty

M.Sc., Ph.D in Psychology
Designation :Assistant Professor (Grade-1)

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Smt. Suvosree Bhattacharya

M.Sc., M.Phil.
Designation :SACT - I

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Smt. Arunima Mitra

M.Sc. B. Ed.
Designation :SACT - I

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Smt. Nida Qasim

Designation :SACT - II

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Laboratory Attendant

Sm. Shyamali Pal (Contractual)
Sm. Deboleena Dasgupta  (Contractual)

Activities of the Psychology Department



P. C. Chandra Award

The faculty members of the Department, Dr Moonmoon Dutta and Dr Nabamita Chakraborty presented a poster on "Revisiting Motherhood" in the International COWAP Conference on "Women's Safety in Dogmatic Times" (March, 2018), organized in coordination with the International Psychoanalytic Society and Indian Psychoanalytic Society) at Hotel Gateway, Kolkata.


3rd year student from the Department of Psychology received the Course Topper prize for securing the highest marks in an online course, under the NPTEL programme, conducted by IIT Kharagpur.





Attending World Autism Awareness Day Programme Organised by West Bengal Government

On the 2nd of April, 2017, the Government of West Bengal took a commendable initiative to organise an event. This event observed the World Autism Awareness Day. It was essentially an awareness programme held in the antiquated Minerva Theatre. A number of doctors, psychologists and professors along with the families of many autistic children took part in this programme and along with it, a good number of psychology student from different colleges were invited.

From Gokhale Memorial Girls' College, 10 students from second year Psychology Honours Course attended this programme. They were - Marisha Ghosh, Sharmili Mitra, Anisha Mitra, Heena Sheth, Tanvi Agarwal, Smriti Khurana, Srinanda Sarkar, Triparna Banerjee, Chandreyi Sen, Semanti Mukherjee.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Sashi Panja, Minister of State for Women & Child Welfare and Social Welfare, Govt. Of West Bengal. This was followed by Dr. Sukanta Bhattacharya's speech on Autism Spectrum Disorder, from a clinical perspective.

Dr. Mallika Banerjee was especially inspiring in her heartfelt yet equally informative speech about coping with parental stress and positive thinking.

Dr. Amrita Panda spoke about sex education for autistic individuals.

Then a few parents with autistic children shared their experiences. The programme ended with a beautiful cultural programme comprising dance, vocal music & recitation by children with ASD.

The department of psychology hosted a team of researchers from the Faculty of Linguistics Philology and Phonetics, Oxford University in February 11-28, 2013 for carrying out a field research work. The team comprised Dr. Aditi Lahiri (Principal Investigator), Dr. Allison Wetterlin, Dr.Adam Roberts and Dr. Sandra Kotzor. The research falls under a grant from the European Research Council (ERC; Words: Asymmetry, change and processing in phonological and mental representations). The purpose of this work is to understand the representation of words in the mental lexicon, with a focus on synchronic and diachronic phonology and morphology and computational phonology through psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic experiments. The language families to be examined include Germanic and Indo-Aryan languages (primarily Bengali), for which they required native Bengali speakers. The work was carried out in the laboratories of the Psychology department (PL-1 and 2).Two ex-students of Psychology department worked as research assistants on the project, and students from different departments of the college participated in the neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic experiments. For the neurolinguistic experiments Electro encephalograms (EEG) of the subjects were taken while they performed lexical decision tasks and for the psycholinguistic experiments group tests on lexical decision tasks were done. This is ongoing project- the department first collaborated with the Oxford University Linguistic department in February 2012, and hosted them again in February 2015.