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To develop and empower women through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West.

College News and Events

One-day Workshop on CBCS

Gokhale Memorial Girls' College cordially invites you to a
One-day Workshop on CBCS (Choice based credit system)

CBCS Workshop scheduled on 12th May 2018 has been postponed. Revised date will be announced soon.


Parking facilities will NOT be available within the Campus for the attendees


List of participants for the one-day workshop
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Only college teachers may register.
You are requested to register online by May 7, Monday.

The tentative programme schedule:


9.30 a.m. onwards : acceptance of registration fees of Rs 200.

10 a.m. : Welcome address by the Principal

10.10 a.m. : Inaugural address by the Chief Guest, Prof. Dipak Kumar Kar, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic), University of Calcutta

First Business Session:

10.20 a.m. : Speaker: Prof. Debashis Biswas, Inspector of Colleges, University of Calcutta

12 noon -12.15 p.m. : Coffee Break

Second Business Session ( Interactive ) :

12.15 p.m. : Panellists

  1. Prof. Dhruba Ranjan Dandapat,
    Dean of Commerce, University of Calcutta
  2. Prof. Pijush Kanti Panigrahi,
    Dean of Education, Journalism and Library & Information Science, University of Calcutta 


1.30 p.m. : Vote of Thanks

1.40 p.m. : Lunch followed by distribution of certificates.


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