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Photo Gallery : Social Outreach

Social Outreach 26th November 2016


Social Outreach 26th November 2015

26th November, Sarala Ray's birthday is an auspicious day celebrated by the College as the Founder's Day through acts of social service.

In 2015, the staff and students of Gokhale Memorial Girl's College conducted a social outreach programme at Anandabhavan Deaf and Blind Residential School, Jagatpur, Brindabanpur, Howrah. This organisation is registered under Society Registration Act (Regn. No.S/IL 1700) and also under Personal Disability Act (Regn. No. 383 (36)).

The College contributed stationery, sweets, fruits, ration items and items for daily use for the inmates of Aanandabhavan. Students (mainly members of the Social Awareness Club of the College) volunteered to collect items like old clothes and stationery items. The College students had the opportunity to interact with the children school for the entire day, which they did with great zeal and enthusiasm. The children of Anandabhavan presented a short cultural programme which was a showcase of their individual talents.


Social Outreach 2014-15 : A Visit to Orphanage School