B.A/B.Sc. Part III Honours/Major/General Examination 2020


Instructions to Students

Off-line Submission of Answer Scripts

Any student who wants to submit the answer scripts offline, must communicate with the Department first.
If she does not have the phone number of any teacher of the Department, she might call 033-2223 3020, before leaving for the offline submission.


1 Accessing the Right Question Paper

The link for Question Papers would be on the College Website. Click on the specific subjects to view/download question papers in PDF format. Students will also receive question papers
through Email. University links are also available for downloading question papers.

2 Answering the Question

  1. Students must write their answers in the A4 sheets only.
  2. The front page (Top Sheet) of the answer scripts must contain the following:

Name of the Examination: BA/B.Sc.(Hons./Major/General) Part III Examination, 2020
(Tick(√) on the right Course)

CU Registration No. of the Candidate:
CU Roll No. of the Candidate:
Name of the Subject:
Date of Examination:


  1. At the top of each page of answer script students must write their
    Registration Number, Name of the Subject with Paper or Module (if, any), Date of Examination.
  2. Put appropriate page numbers at the bottom of each page.

3 Preparation for submission of answers

Note: Students must download any Scanner app. from Google Play Store and use it for scanning each page of the answer script (after giving the page nos.).

  1. At the end of 2 hrs. (12 noon-2 p.m.) after completing the answers, the studentsí must scan each page of the answer script and convert all the pages into a single PDF file, page
    no. wise (including the Top Sheet as first page). The Answer PDF file name must have registration no., subject code, paper no. (Eg.--> your Reg.No.-BNGA-P5 ).
  2. For the subjects with modules for a particular paper, the students should submit the answer scripts in separate PDF files, module wise . In that case the file name must have
    registration no., subject code, paper no. & module no. (Eg.--> your Reg.No.-MTMA-P5-M10) .
  3. Total file-size (single PDF file for paper / more than one PDF file in case of modules) should be less than 25 MB.

4 Submission of Answer Scripts:

  • The submission of the answer scripts must be done within the scheduled time i.e. 2.30pm.
  • The ready answer PDF file is to be attached to the E-mail after clicking on the 'REPLY' option of the corresponding mail id through which the question papers are
  • In case of non-receipt of a question mail, submissions can be done in the corresponding mail id given in the website for each subject paper.
    Click on the subject paper email address link available in the website & submit the answer script from there.
  • Subject of the mail should contain the Registration No., Paper name & Module name (if, applicable) & date.
  • SEND / SUBMIT the mail only after being completely sure & after proper verification.
  • If the mails are sent multiple times, then only the mail sent for the first time with proper attachment will be considered.

NOTE : If the students find any difficulty in downloading question papers or uploading answer scripts, they must immediately contact the Department over the phone.