To develop and empower women through education that fosters knowledge and skills, promotes values of equality, secularism and national integration, moulds character through discipline and rigour and creates an open mind capable of assimilating the best traditions of the East and the West.

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Academic Affiliation : University of Calcutta

  • Empowering Women through Education since 1938

  • 15 Departments and 16 Courses

  • Supporting Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Assimilating the Best Traditions of the East and the West.

Our Motto

येनाहं नामृता स्यां किमहं तेन कुर्य्याम ।

"What shall I do with that which does not give me immortality?"



Gokhale Memorial Girls' College a premier educational institution in Kolkata offers both general and career-oriented education which is a reflection of its moorings in traditional values coupled with a modern approach to both teaching and learning. The institution endeavours to bring about the all-round development of the students by encouraging self-expression to draw out their latent capabilities. The College was initially established as an extension of Gokhale Memorial Girls' School in 1938 by Sarala Ray, popularly known as Mrs. P. K. Ray, a great social reformer and educationist. It gradually emerged as one of the premier educational institutions in India in its own right, imparting quality education to women and making them worthy citizens of a progressive nation. Its 75 year journey from 1938 has seen countless young women performing successfully in different spheres of life. More...

From The Principal's Desk

Atashi Karpha Dr. (Mrs). Atashi Karpha, Principal

Dr. Atashi Karpha

As you venture out into the world of higher education in liberal arts and sciences, let me introduce you to Gokhale Memorial Girls' College, a premier educational institution exclusively for women.

Located in the heart of the Kolkata city, the College offers a stimulating ambience for learning and caters to students from all over the city and its suburbs, irrespective of their socio-economic status. The College is affiliated to the University of Calcutta and aided by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

While the college provides a sound holistic education for its students, it continues to instill good moral values in them, empowering them to cope with the challenges of modern society and to become mature and responsible citizens. Since its inception in 1938, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College has forged ahead in the academic sphere with both its teachers and its students remaining true to the guiding motto, "What shall I do with that which does not give me immortality?"

Highly motivated and qualified faculty members constantly seek to enhance the teaching-learning process. Co-curricular activities complement the curriculum and help the students develop their inner talents and creativity. Intra-college competitions, sports and tournaments, cultural activities, literary activities, observances and social outreach activities provide a stimulating environment for all-round development of the students. They are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops, exhibitions and educational tours.

In this college, we constantly embrace changes in order to keep pace with technological advancements that the present world is going through while retaining our core values. Several modern facilities are offered to help the student lead a comfortable and enjoyable 'college life'. A clean and fresh college premises is an essential feature that motivates students in developing good habits. The entire staff maintains a cordial relationship with the students. The College runs smoothly under the guidance of the Governing Body, independent of interference from any quarter.

It is with pride and pleasure that I state that, over the years there has been a continuous enhancement in the performance of students in the University examinations. Every year we have students topping the list of candidates in a subject or the other. I congratulate them all and wish them success in their future endeavors.

I also convey my best wishes to the new entrants and all senior students and urge them to uphold the code of conduct and the rules of discipline laid down in the College Prospectus and put up a good academic performance through hard-work. It is my sincere wish that they spend the most memorable years of their lives in this College. 



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An approach to the management of Monsoon Fever with special reference to Dengue and COVID-19.


A state level webinar on "An approach to the management of Monsoon Fever with special reference to Dengue and COVID-19."
Organized by: NSS Unit-I of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College
Date : 17th Aug 2020 | Time: 5 P.M. | Registration Link

27 Jun 2020

A Workshop & Training Program for the Professional Development of Faculty and Staff

Organized by :

Date : 02/07/2020 to 04/07/2020
View flyer | Registration is over | View External Registered Participants' List for the ICT Workshop

For any queries, e-mail to :


Advertisements / Vacancies

   Posted: 13/07/19

CNDV Vacancy

Applications are invited in the following subjects for Guest Lecturer View Details

   Posted: 14/05/19

Fresh applications are invited in the following subjects in Chemistry Department View Details

Posted : 11 Jul 2020
Online faculty meeting of the Department of Mathematics (via Google Meet) will be held on Monday 13.7.2020 at 7 P.M. for  a discussion regarding Semester-1, Semester-3  &  Semester-5 course allocation for the session 2020-'21.
The Link for the meeting will be mailed  before the meeting .

An online meeting among the faculties of the department of Education will be held on 12/07/20, at 8:30 pm. via Google Meet. Departmental Teachers are requested to attend the meeting.

Dept of Psychology will hold a departmental meeting at 7pm on 12.7.20

An online meeting between the faculties of the department of Physics will be held on 13/07/20, Monday at 11:30 am. via Google Meet. Departmental Teachers are requested to attend the meeting.

Posted : 07 Jul 2020

A faculty meeting of the dept of geography will be held on Tuesday 7th at 3 pm

The Department of English will hold a departmental meeting via Jio Meet on 6/7/2020 at 9 am. Teachers are requested to attend the meeting.

Posted : 05 Jul 2020

The Department of Psychology will hold a faculty meeting on 5.7.20 at 7pm

The Department of Education will hold a faculty meeting on 5.7.20 at 6 pm.

A Departmental meeting of the department of political science will be held on today 5/7/20 @4pm via Team link. Teachers are requested to attend the meeting.

The Department of Economics will hold a Departmental meeting today on 5/7/20 at 8pm on zoom platform. All faculties are requested to attend the meeting.

A Departmental meeting for the department of Physics will be held on 5/7/20, today at 7pm via Team link. Departmental Teachers are requested to attend the meeting.

A Departmental meeting for the Department of Chemistry will be held today (5/7/2020) at 8.30 pm on Google Meet platform. Teachers are requested to attend the meeting.

A departmental meeting for the department of Hindi will be held on 5.7.20 at 7pm via DUO app. All faculty members are reqested to attend the meeting.

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Enrolment is open for the Jul - Dec 2020 semester. Students/Facilities may enroll themselves using the links given below.
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World Environment Day :

This is to notify that the NSS Unit of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College, Kolkata will be observing World Environment Day tomorrow on the 5th of June, 2020 as per custom. As you all know, the super cyclonic storm, Amphan caused the destruction of a huge number of trees in West Bengal last month and, thereby, dealt a severe blow to our ecosystem. Since there cannot be a better way of observing this sacred day than planting trees, we, the members of the NSS committee, GMGC request all faculty members and students to plant (without violating the rule of social distancing) at least one sapling each in their homes/gardens and send pictures of them to either  or 9874146238( WhatsApp)

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159th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore

বাংলা বিভাগের রবীন্দ্রজয়ন্তী উদযাপনা ১৪২৭

Coronavirus - Covid 19 Lockdown: Diet And Health

The long lockdown period due to spread of Covid 19, which began on 23rd March 2020, now seems to be endless. Man being a social animal, this is an extremely difficult phase we are going through and are likely to be affected adversely physically as well as mentally. Kindly refer to the video for Tips to Stay Healthy during the Lockdown Period by Smt. Pratyasha Agrawal, Lecturer in department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics.

Covid-19-Lockdown-Diet-and-Health-01.mp4 [Video]

View Covid19 - Lockdown Diet and Health [PDF]