Seminars/ Webinars/ Workshops



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1 Five Day Online Workshop on GIS-GNSS Department of Geography 02.01.2022, 03.01.2022 & 05.01.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/02.01.2022, 03.01.2022 & 05.01.2022.pdf
2 Interactive Session and Presentation on BCG Matrix & Johari Window Department of ASPV 18.02.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/18.02.2022.pdf
3 International Webinar on Antarjatik Matribhasha Diwas Department of Bengali 21.02.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/21.02.2022.pdf
4 Interactive Session & Presentation on Publicity & Celebrities Department of ASPV 03.03.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/03.03.2022.pdf
5 Seminar on Bangla Chalachchitre Nari-Charitra on International Women's Day Department of Bengali 08.03.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/08.03.20222.pdf
6 Interactive Session on "How to Face an Interview" Department of ASPV 20.04.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/20.04.2022.pdf
7 Interactive Session and Presentation on Pricing Methods & Strategies Department of ASPV 12.05.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/12.05.2022.pdf
8 SDG 4: Quality Education and the Future of South Asia Department of Education, GMGC & Department of Education, Dwijendralal College, Krishnagar 18.05.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/18.05.2022.pdf
9 Seminar on Gender Sensitization: Rights and Challenges Social Awareness Club, GMGC in collaboration with IQAC, GMGC 27.05.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/27.05.2022.pdf
10 Two Day National Seminar on ICT Enabled User-Driven Library Services: Issues and Challenges Central Library, GMGC 30.05.2022 - 31.05.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/30.05.2022 & 31.05.2022.pdf
11 Workshop and Seminar on Creating Data Sheet & Questionnaire in Google Forms Department of ASPV 18.08.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/18.08.2022.pdf
12 Workshop on Journey of Self-Orientation Social Awareness Club, GMGC 23.08.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/23.08.2022.pdf
13 National Seminar on Re-Visiting Modernist Aesthetics Department of English 13.09.2022 activities/SeminarsWebinarsWorkshops/2022/13.09.2022.pdf



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1 Five Day Online Workshop on GIS-GNSS Department of Geography 10.02.2021 -14.02.2021 View Details
2 Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship, Swachchata and Rural Engagement Cell-Cluster Level Competition MGNCRE (SES REC, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College as participant) 18.02.2021 -20.02.2021 View Details
3 Catalyst Workshop (Online) 2021 for Semester V Students Placement Cell of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College 21.02-2021 - 23.02.2021 View Details
4 International Webinar on "Satyajit, Cinema & Modernity" Department of English & CMEV 01.07.2021 View Details
5 One-Day National Webinar on Media and Pandemic Department of Hindi & Education 08.07.2021 View Details
6 Two-Day International Webinar Day 1 Department of Economics 09.07.2021 View Details
7 Two-Day International Webinar Day 2 Department of Economics 10.07.2021 View Details
8 One-Day National Webinar and Panel Discussion on Academic and Professional Career Advancement Opportunities after Graduation in Pure Science Departments of Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics 10.07.2021 View Details
9 The World of Advertising Department of ASPV 28.08.2021 View Details



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1 Workshop on CBCS Curriculum Department of Economics 07.03.2020 View Details
2 International Webinar on Epidemics, Body & Medicines Department of English 13.06.2020 - 15.06.2020 View Details
3 Two Day Seminar on Perception of Confinement Department of Psychology 17.06.2020 - 18.06.2020 View Details
4 Webinar on Politics in Pandemic Times Department of Political Science 17.06.2020 & 22.06.2020 View Details
5 State Level Webinar on "Public Health, Epidemics and State: A Legacy of Colonial Bengal" Department of History 27.06.2020 View Details
6 Two-Day National Webinar on Emerging Trends in Chemical & Material Sciences Department of Physics & Chemistry 28.06.2020 - 29.06.2020 View Details
7 State Level Webinar on Feminism Departments of Philosophy & Bengali 30.06.2020 View Details
8 Developing Skills through ICT Tools and Techniques: A Workshop & Training Programme for the Professional Development of Faculty and Administrative Staff IQAC, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College 02.07.2020 -04.07.2020 View Details
9 Two-Day Webinar on Death Anxiety and the Contagion: Biopsychological and Philosophical Insights Department of Psychology 09.07.2020 - 10.07.2020 View Details
10 Webinar & Workshop on "Digital Survey Makes It Easy" Department of ASPV 27.07.2020 View Details
11 National Webinar on "Modern Education System and Future of India" Department of Education 27.07.2020 View Details



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1 One-Day Workshop on Skill Enhancement through the Practice of Movement Psychotherapy Department of Psychology 13.07.2019 View Details
2 Seminar on Mathematics in Ancient India Department of Mathematics 11.09.2019 View Details



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1 State Level Seminar on "The City Within: Urbanization and Cultural Responses" Department of History 03.02.2018 View Details
2 Practical Approach to Advertising as a Practice Department of ASPV 24.03.2018 View Details
3 Contemporary Developments in Mathematics & Mathematical Science Department of Mathematics, GMGC & ISNA 19.05.2018 View Details



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1 Seminar & Film Show on Helvetica-Mother of All Fonts Department of ASPV 14.07.2017 View Details
2 Three Day Recitation Workshop Department of Hindi 20.09.2017 - 22.09.2017 View Details
3 Study Circle Meet on Durga Murtir Biborton GMGC 26.09.2017 View Details
4 One-Day State Level Seminar on Lives and Achievements of Great Personalities: A Tribute to Madam Curie & Sister Nivedita Department of Chemistry, Philosophy & Physics 06.11.2017 View Details