Seminars/ Webinars/ Workshops



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 National Webinar on "Eat Right Bite by Bite Students' Welfare Subcommittee & Dept. of CND 07.01.2024 View PDF
2 Career Counselling Session Titled "Career Kawtha" Brainware University & Placement Cell of GMGC 13.01.2024 View PDF
3 Workshop on Stress Management through Poetic Therapy Alumni Association, GMGC 18.01.2024 View PDF
4 Activity report on Herbal Gulaal Making Workshop Incubation Cell of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College with Incubation 12.03.2024 View PDF
5 Seminar on "In Search of The "Subaltern" : Folk/ Popular In The Curriculum And Beyond Department of History 13.05.2023 View PDF
6 Activity report on Making Bankable Projects Workshop Incubation Cell of Gokhale Memorial Girls? College in association with IQAC of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College 26.04.2024 View PDF
7 Students Electoral Awareness Campaign Electoral Literacy Cell, G.M.G.C. in association with Electoral Literacy Club 27.03.2024 View PDF
8  Activity report on Seminar on BCG Matrix & Johari Window Department of ASPV 25.04.2024 View PDF




# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 Bakery Workshop 2023 Alumni Association in collaboration with Dept. of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, GMGC 04.01.2023 View PDF
2 Webinar on PCOS-PCOD Alumni Association, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College 09.01.2023 View PDF
3 "Rights Obligation and Citizenship", Students Seminar Dept. of Political Science, GMGC 11.01.2023 View PDF
4 Activity report of Remedial Class: Raso Kavya and Nayi Kavita. Dept. of Hindi, GMGC 11.02.2023 View PDF
5  ICT Workshop IQAC, GMGC 22.02.2023 View PDF
6 Participation in Quiz Competition Department of English, Rabindra Bharati University  15.03.2023 View PDF
7 Student Presentation on the topic "Women Entrepreneurs in India" Department of ASPV, GMGC 31.03.2023 View PDF
8 Pedagogical Lecture on “Monstrous Black Hole" Department of Physics, GMGC 25.04.2023 View PDF
9 Visit to Metcalfe Hall Department of History, GMGC 26.04.2023 View PDF
10 Two-day Workshop on "Advancing Skills On Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis Of Data" Dept. of Psychology, GMGC 27.04.2023 - 28.04.2023 View PDF
11 Seminar/Special Lecture on "Purono Bangla Bigyapon" Department of ASPV, GMGC 29.04.2023 View PDF
12 Discussion/Presentation on "Revisit Ray- The legendary Satyajit Ray" Department of ASPV, GMGC 03.05.2023 View PDF
13 Activity report of Remedial Class: Vastunistha Prashn Dept. of Hindi, GMGC 10.05.2023 View PDF
14 Activity report of Student Paper Presentation: Munshi Premchand for semester 6 and  Kabirdas for semester 4 Dept. of Hindi, GMGC 11.05.2023 View PDF
15 Report on Departmental E-journal - Dialego Dept. of Political Science, GMGC 10.05.2023 View PDF
16 Workshop on Digital Filmmaking Department of Communicative English, GMGC in collaboration with Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi 16.05.2023-17.05.2023 View PDF
17 ASPV 1st On-Campus Drive Department of ASPV, GMGC 19.05.2023 View PDF
18 Debate Competition Organized by Mandias Debate Club Netaji Nagar Day College" Mandias Debate Club Netaji Nagar College (Evening) 29.05.2023 View PDF
19 Activity Report of State Level Seminar on
"NEP 2020- A Comprehensive Approach"
Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Gokhale memorial Girls'
23.06.2023 View PDF
20 Webinar Titled "Career Katha" Placement Cell, GMGC in collaboration with Brainware University 04.07.2023 View PDF
21 State Level Workshop on "Building Emotional Resilience" Organised By: Psychological Counselling Cell, GMGC 12.09.2023 View PDF
22 Webinar on "Carbohydrate Counting & Diabetes Mellitus" Department of CNDV, GMGC 17.09.2023 View PDF
23 Workshop on Career Awareness and Training for Competitive Examinations Placement Cell, GMGC & Avision Institute 13.12.2023 View PDF



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 Five Day Online Workshop on GIS-GNSS Department of Geography, GMGC 02.01.2022, 03.01.2022 & 05.01.2022 View PDF
2 Online Counselling Session  Alumni Association of GMGC & Students' Welfare Sub-Committee, GMGC 05.01.2022 View PDF
3 Interactive Session and Presentation on BCG Matrix & Johari Window Department of ASPV, GMGC 18.02.2022 View PDF
4 International Webinar on Antarjatik Matribhasha Diwas Department of Bengali, GMGC 21.02.2022 View PDF
5 Interactive Session & Presentation on Publicity & Celebrities Department of ASPV, GMGC 03.03.2022 View PDF
6 Seminar on Bangla Chalachchitre Nari-Charitra on International Women's Day Department of Bengali, GMGC 08.03.2022 View PDF
7 Interactive Session on "How to Face an Interview" Department of ASPV, GMGC 20.04.2022 View PDF
8 ‘India- Sri Lanka Relations: Evolving Trends and Trajectories’ Department of Political Science, GMGC 17.05.2022 View PDF
9 Interactive Session and Presentation on Pricing Methods & Strategies Department of ASPV, GMGC 12.05.2022 View PDF
10 SDG 4: Quality Education and the Future of South Asia Department of Education, GMGC & Department of Education, Dwijendralal College, Krishnagar 18.05.2022 View PDF
11 Seminar on Gender Sensitization: Rights and Challenges Social Awareness Club, GMGC in collaboration with IQAC, GMGC 27.05.2022 View PDF
12 Two Day National Seminar on ICT Enabled User-Driven Library Services: Issues and Challenges Central Library, GMGC 30.05.2022 - 31.05.2022 View PDF
13 Workshop and Seminar on Creating Data Sheet & Questionnaire in Google Forms Department of ASPV 18.08.2022 View PDF
14 Workshop on Journey of Self-Orientation Social Awareness Club, GMGC 23.08.2022 View PDF
15 National Seminar on Re-Visiting Modernist Aesthetics Department of English 13.09.2022 View PDF
17 Promotional Event by SVF for upcoming movie Kornosuborner Guptodhon Dept. of ASPV, GMGC 26.09.2022 View PDF
17 Student Seminar on Role of Branding in Attracting and Influencing Consumer Purchase Decisions Dept. of ASPV, GMGC 12.11.2022 View PDF
18 Student Seminar on Visual Merchandising and Promotion Strategies in Retail Business Management Dept. of ASPV, GMGC 17.11.2022 View PDF
19 Student Seminar on Positioning & Repositioning in Top Organizations Dept. of ASPV, GMGC 21.11.2022 View PDF
20 One Day Workshop on Hindi Recitation Dept. of Hindi, GMGC 23.11.2022 View PDF
21 Content Development and Authoring School of Education Technology, Jadavpur University and IQAC, GMGC 23.11.2022 View PDF
22 Student Seminar on Indian Art & Culture in Advertisement Dept. of ASPV, GMGC 24.11.2022 View PDF
23 Two Days Workshop on Q-GIS Dept. of Geography, GMGC 09.12.2022 & 10.12.2022 View PDF
24 Seminar on "Reading Gandhi Ecologically" West Bengal Political Science Association & GMGC 21.12.2022 View PDF



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 Five Day Online Workshop on GIS-GNSS Department of Geography 10.02.2021 -14.02.2021 View PDF
2 Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship, Swachchata and Rural Engagement Cell-Cluster Level Competition MGNCRE (SES REC, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College as participant) 18.02.2021 -20.02.2021 View PDF
3 Catalyst Workshop (Online) 2021 for Semester V Students Placement Cell of Gokhale Memorial Girls' College 21.02-2021 - 23.02.2021 View PDF
4 International Webinar on "Satyajit, Cinema & Modernity" Department of English & CMEV 01.07.2021 View PDF
5 One-Day National Webinar on Media and Pandemic Department of Hindi & Education 08.07.2021 View PDF
6 Two-Day International Webinar Day 1 Department of Economics 09.07.2021 View PDF
7 Two-Day International Webinar Day 2 Department of Economics 10.07.2021 View PDF
8 One-Day National Webinar and Panel Discussion on Academic and Professional Career Advancement Opportunities after Graduation in Pure Science Departments of Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics 10.07.2021 View PDF
9 The World of Advertising Department of ASPV 28.08.2021 View PDF



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 Workshop on CBCS Curriculum Department of Economics 07.03.2020 View PDF
2 International Webinar on Epidemics, Body & Medicines Department of English 13.06.2020 - 15.06.2020 View PDF
3 Two Day Seminar on Perception of Confinement Department of Psychology 17.06.2020 - 18.06.2020 View PDF
4 Webinar on Politics in Pandemic Times Department of Political Science 17.06.2020 & 22.06.2020 View PDF
5 State Level Webinar on "Public Health, Epidemics and State: A Legacy of Colonial Bengal" Department of History 27.06.2020 View PDF
6 Two-Day National Webinar on Emerging Trends in Chemical & Material Sciences Department of Physics & Chemistry 28.06.2020 - 29.06.2020 View PDF
7 State Level Webinar on Feminism Departments of Philosophy & Bengali 30.06.2020 View PDF
8 Developing Skills through ICT Tools and Techniques: A Workshop & Training Programme for the Professional Development of Faculty and Administrative Staff IQAC, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College 02.07.2020 -04.07.2020 View PDF
9 Two-Day Webinar on Death Anxiety and the Contagion: Biopsychological and Philosophical Insights Department of Psychology 09.07.2020 - 10.07.2020 View PDF
10 Webinar & Workshop on "Digital Survey Makes It Easy" Department of ASPV 27.07.2020 View PDF
11 National Webinar on "Modern Education System and Future of India" Department of Education 27.07.2020 View PDF



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 One-Day Workshop on Skill Enhancement through the Practice of Movement Psychotherapy Department of Psychology 13.07.2019 View PDF
2 Seminar on Mathematics in Ancient India Department of Mathematics 11.09.2019 View PDF



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 State Level Seminar on "The City Within: Urbanization and Cultural Responses" Department of History 03.02.2018 View PDF
2 Practical Approach to Advertising as a Practice Department of ASPV 24.03.2018 View PDF
3 Contemporary Developments in Mathematics & Mathematical Science Department of Mathematics, GMGC & ISNA 19.05.2018 View PDF



# Name of the Activity Organized By Date View Report
1 Seminar & Film Show on Helvetica-Mother of All Fonts Department of ASPV 14.07.2017 View PDF
2 Three Day Recitation Workshop Department of Hindi 20.09.2017 - 22.09.2017 View PDF
3 Study Circle Meet on Durga Murtir Biborton GMGC 26.09.2017 View PDF
4 One-Day State Level Seminar on Lives and Achievements of Great Personalities: A Tribute to Madam Curie & Sister Nivedita Department of Chemistry, Philosophy & Physics 06.11.2017 View PDF