Satyendra Prasanna Mukherjee Memorial Lecture


Satyendra Prasanna Mukherjee was born in Kolkata in 1914, the eldest among the four siblings. He displayed remarkable intellectual qualities from a very early age and was gifted with a photographic memory. A student of economics, he was equally proficient in English literature and Sanskrit. With the same flair he could recite from memory Milton, Shakespeare, Kalidasa as well as Gita and Chandi. A man of various interests - he was adept in playing the table and ektara, honed skills in magic and angling. He was a connoisseur of Hindustani Classical Music. His greatest passion however, remained books and till his last breath he continued to be a voracious reader. He was an avid collector of books and over the years he built a personal library with more than three thousand books on a wide range of subjects including many rare collections. His friends, author Benoy Ghosh and playwright Bijon Bhattacharya were among the few who would visit his library for reference. He believed that learning never ends with university degree but continues all through one's life.  

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1 5th Satyendra Prasanna Mukherjee Memorial Lecture 05.01.2023 View Report
2 4th Satyendra Prasanna Mukherjee Memorial Lecture 12.03.2022 View Report | Link to Video :
3 3rd Satyendra Prasanna Mukherjee Memorial Lecture 17.03.2018 View Report