Gokhale Memorial Girls' College Research Cell

Research Cell

The College encourages the culture of individual as well as inter-disciplinary approach to research activities. It has a Research Cell which monitors and conducts the various research projects initiated by the departments. The Cell also conducts centralized research projects involving the teachers and students of various departments with the help of institutional support in the form of a separate space with moderate infrastructural facilities.

Objectives of Research Cell

  • To make research a part of the culture in the college
  • To create awareness and opportunities of research among the faculty and student.
  • To organize various workshops/ seminars/ trainings related to promotion of research and development.
  • To motivate the faculty members for Research & Development activities in the area of their specialization.
  • To encourage faculty members and students to publish research papers in referred journal and present their works at reputed national and international conferences.
  • To publish research material in appropriate media and to make available such published information to the end users.
  • To keep track and record of publications made by the faculty.
  • To keep track and record of an ISSN/referred research journal of the college on annual basis.
  • To motivate faculty members to submit major and minor research proposals to various state and national funding organisations.

Activities of the Research Cell

  • Research Cell is actively monitored the publication and up gradation of an annual journal named "Academia".
  • The cell ensures the smooth functioning and effective management of Research & Development at the institution.
  • The cell functions to implement and follow-up on progress and monitoring of on-going projects.
  • The cell assists in matters related to collaborative research with other agencies.
  • The cell provides information to the faculty members for funding opportunities in different state and national funding agencies like UGC, CSIR and DST.
  • The cell evaluates the research proposals before forwarding the same to different funding agencies.
  • The Cell is continuously working in the direction of promoting the research culture among the different stake holders.
  • The cell also assures the infrastructural/instrumental facilities for conducting research.

Output of the efforts:

  • The faculty members and student have participated and presented papers in national and international conferences.
  • The faculty members submitted several research proposals for funding and some of them have been sanctioned by funding agencies.
  • The faculty members have published research papers in Journals of high impact factors.
  • The faculty members have published learning materials and books.
  • The students have started showing keen interest in research activities and copies of their works are available in the college library.

Completed/ongoing research projects (Selected):

# Title Faculty Funding Agency Major/ Minor Period
1 Development of small molecule catalysts for bio-inspired oxidation reactions and for degradation of organic pollutants. Dr. Anangamohan Panja WB-DST Major On-going
2 Guru Granth Sahib mein Santon ki Vani: Vartaman Samajik Sarokar. Dr. Kuldip Kaur UGC Minor 2014-2016
3 Compilation of Classified Bibliographies and Assessment of Research Work Done in Different Grant Branches in Mathematics in the Eastern Zone in India during 19th & 20th Century. Dr. Mala Bhattacharya & Dr. Purabi Mukherjee INSA Major 2013-2016
4 Fantasy Land - Fantasy in Selective Children Fiction. Dr. E.S. Paul UGC  Minor 2013-2015
5 Non-Farm Employment Generation and Demand For Health Services Dr. Lapita Sarkar UGC Minor 2012-2014
6 The Urban Space, Image and Subtext: Visual Representation of the City of Calcutta/Kolkata (1788 - 2010) Dr. Sarmila Sarkar UGC Minor 2010-2012
7 Pioneer Mathematicians and their Role in Calcutta University during 19th and 20th Century Dr. Mala Bhattacharya (jointly with Dr. Purabi mukherjee and Smt.Nandita Mallik) INSA Major 2010-2013
8 Hindi ke Sahityik Patrikaon ke Bhavishya Dr. Reshmi Panda Mukherjee UGC Minor 2010-2012
9 2008 - 2010 Rediscovering India - A Study of Novels Translated into English Dr. E.S. Paul UGC Minor 2008-2010
10 Machiavelli and Machiavellian Villains: A Re-Interpretation Dr. Sudeshna Kar Barua UGC Minor 2009-2011