Statement of Compliance for IIQA

Institutional Information for Quality Assessment(IIQA) 3rd Cycle Submisson, 1st January 2023

NAAC Certificates

NAAC Certificate of Accreditation 18 Jan 2021

NAAC Certificate of Accreditation 16 Sep 2008

3rd Cycle NAAC

Minutes of the Meetings and Action Taken Report 2017-2022


Self Study Report

Self Study Report for 3rd Cycle of Accreditation March 2023


Extended Profile

Metric 1.1 5-Year Student Data Supporting Document



Criterion I

Metric 1.1.1-CIE-Departments Meeting Minutes, PTM and Remedial Classes Documents
Metric 1.1.1 Dept. Class Routines during Covid Lockdown Period
Metric 1.2.1 Value Added NPTEL Notice and Results
Metric 1.3.2 ASPV Internship
Metric 1.3.2 ASPV Project
Metric 1.3.2 BNGA Project
Metric 1.3.2 CEMA Dissertation
Metric 1.3.2 CMEV Projects
Metric 1.3.2 CNDV Term Papers
Metric 1.3.2 ECOA Paper Review
Metric 1.3.2 GEOA GEOG Field Project
Metric 1.3.2 HINA Term Paper
Metric 1.3.2 HISA_Projects
Metric 1.3.2 PHSA Project
Metric 1.3.2 PLSA Project
Metric 1.3.2 ENVS Projects
Metric 1.3.2 Completion Certificates


Criterion II

Metric Student Enrollment
Metric 2.1.2 Number of Sanctioned Seats
Metric Students admitted under reserved category
Metric Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per Government rules
Metric 2.3.1 Student centric ICT Enabled Teaching
Metric 2.4.1 Full time teachers against Sanctioned Posts
Metric 2.4.2 Full time teachers with NET/SET/Ph.D/D.M/D.N.B/Super speciality/ D.Sc/D.Litt
Metric 2.5.1 Internal/External Assessment & Grievance Redressal System
Metric 2.6.2 POs and COs Attainment
Metric 2.6.3 Results of Students


Criterion III

Metric 3.1.1 Government & Non-Government Grants
Metric 3.2.1 Ecosystem for Innovation
Metric 3.2.2 Number of Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences
Metric 3.3.1 Number of Research Papers published
Metric 3.3.2 Number of Books and Chapters
Metric 3.4.1 Neighbourhood Extension Activities
Metric 3.4.2 Awards and recognitions Received
Metric 3.4.3 Extension and Outreach Programs
Metric 3.5.1 Number of MoUs


Criterion IV

Metric 4.1.1 & 4.1.2 Physical Infrastructural Facilities
Metric 4.1.1 Expenditure Infrastructure Augmentation
Metric 4.1.3 ICT Enabled Classrooms
Metric 4.2.3 Annual Expenditure for Library
Metric 4.3 IT Infrastructure
Metric 4.3.2 Number of Computers available for students usage
Metric 4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure


Criterion V

Metric 5.1.1 Government Scholarship Policy Documents
Metric 5.1.1 Year-wise List of Scholarships
Metric 5.1.1 Sanction Letters of Scholarships
Metric 5.1.2 Evidence of Capability Enhancement Initiatives
Metric 5.1.3 Evidence of Career Counselling Initiatives
Metric 5.2.1 Student Placement & Progression Supportive Evidence
Metric 5.2.2 Evidence for Clearance of Competitive Examinations
Metric 5.3.1 Evidence for Awards / Medals / Recognition for Outstanding Performance in Sports/ Cultural Activities
Metric 5.3.2 Evidence for Student Participation in Sports/ Cultural Activities


Criterion VI

Metric 6.1.1 Institutional Governance & Leadership
Metric 6.2.1 Additional Information
Metric 6.2.1 Perspective Plan
Metric 6.2.2 E-Governance
Metric 6.2.2 Budget
Metric 6.2.2 Screenshot
Metric 6.2.2 Additional Links
Metric 6.3.1 Performance Appraisal system & Welfare Measures
Metric 6.3.2 Financial Support to Teachers
Metric 6.3.2 No Additional Information
Metric 6.3.3 All Teaching FDP
Metric 6.3.3 FDP as per UGC norms
Metric 6.4.1 Financial Management & Resource Mobilization
Metric 6.5.1. Internal Quality Assurance System
Metric 6.5.2 AAA
Metric 6.5.2 NAAC Certificate
Metric 6.5.2 Minutes of Meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
Metric 6.5.2 Collaborative Measures


Criterion VII

Metric 7.1.1 Gender Sensitization Initiatives
Metric 7.1.2 Green and Clean Campus Initiatives
Metric 7.1.4 Inclusiveness Initiatives
Metric 7.3.1 Institutional Distinctiveness Supporting Document

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