special lectures



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1 Year-Long Online Lecture Series titled "An Evening with an Expert" Department of English   activities/SpecialLectures/2022/2022 Lecture Series.pdf
2 Special Lecture on "Beyond Gender Binary-Understanding Gender Equality" Social Awareness Club, GMGC 29.04.2022 activities/SpecialLectures/2022/29.04.2022.pdf



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1 Bangla Kabitar Biborton O Shilparuper Abhinabatwa Department of Bengali 14.01.2019 activities/SpecialLectures/2019/14.01.2019.pdf
2 Gauri Dharmapal: Jiban O Sahitya Department of Bengali 11.03.2019 activities/SpecialLectures/2019/11.03.2019.pdf
3 Gender Equality, Mental Health & Gender Related Issues Department of Bengali 15.03.2019 activities/SpecialLectures/2019/15.03.2019.pdf
4 Special Lecture on Brexit Department of Political Science, GMGC in collaboration with West Bengal Political Science Association 16.03.2019 activities/SpecialLectures/2019/16.03.2019.pdf
5 Special Lecture on Tintin in Tibet Department of English 21.09.2019 activities/SpecialLectures/2019/21.09.2019.pdf
6 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and the Evolution of Detective Fiction Department of English 28.11.2019 activities/SpecialLectures/2019/28.11.2019.pdf



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1 Cinema, Fiction and History Departments of English & CMEV 15.02.2018 activities/SpecialLectures/2018/15.02.2018.pdf



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1 Talk with the Poets: Binayak and Bubun (special lecture on World Poetry Day) Department of Bengali 21.03.2017 activities/SpecialLectures/2017/21.03.2017.pdf
2 On Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay Department of Bengali 29.03.2017 activities/SpecialLectures/2017/29.03.2017.pdf
3 Our Songs, Their Gods: Nation and Performance in the Bengal Border Land Department of History, GMGC in association with Alumni Association, GMGC 22.08.2017 activities/SpecialLectures/2017/22.08.2017.pdf