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The Department of Sociology is a relatively young department in Gokhale Memorial Girl's College, introduced from the academic year 2017-18. The Department aims to introduce students to 'Sociological Imagination' and helps delineate between Sociological knowledge and common sensical understanding. Apart from an introduction to Sociology, other papers offered by the Department cover Sociology in India, various Sociological Theories and the study of research methodology. The Department promotes both creative and critical thinking; and encourages analysis of issues and experiences of individuals and groups in diverse social interactions. Students are encouraged to engage in dialogues and debate about various social issues. At present, the department offers only Elective Sociology papers to students under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) under the University of Calcutta. Sociology as a subject is relevant for students across disciplines. Various seminars and workshops are organized by the Department of Sociology to expand student's scope of knowledge, increase reflexivity and its applicability in everyday life.






Career prospects in Sociology after Graduation

As a Sociology graduate, you can find lucrative careers in different sectors, including:

  1. Education
    After obtaining a master's degree in Sociology, you can begin your professional career in primary and secondary education. As a school teacher, you will focus on the child education and development process and counsel them toward the right path.
  2. Counselling & Therapy
    Sociology aspirants who desire to perform community work on a personal level can enter counselling and therapy careers. Although a Psychology degree is the usual route to becoming a counsellor, Sociology majors can also become behaviour therapists and counsellors.
  3. Social Service
    Social service or social work covers a host of aspects that improve the quality of life for underprivileged or disadvantaged classes within a society. As a social worker, you can work for local authorities, government agencies, NGOs, charities, and community groups. Social service encompasses a broad range of roles, including administration, organization, management, counselling, and support. Social workers' main aim is to help combat societal matters like drug abuse, child abuse, mental health issues, physical and learning disabilities, poverty, homelessness, etc.
  4. Probation and Prison Service
    Sociology graduates with an inclination towards handling crime and punishment issues can take up probation and prison service jobs. Usually, the roles in this domain are administration-centric and involve direct contact with offenders (prisoners).
  5. Community Development
    Unlike social service roles that focus on individual or family support, community development jobs seek to improve the community's quality of life. Thus, community workers often function within a specific geographical area or on a community/group residing in that area.
  6. Administrative Services
    A few of the outstanding job opportunities after an MA in sociology are Indian police service (IPS), Indian administrative services (IAS), and Indian forest service (IFS). You must have dedication and passion for working on these administrative services.
  7. Family and Child Development and Welfare
    There are some widespread job roles in family and child development and welfare which you can apply for after completing an MA in Sociology. They are family or child development officers, a therapist or a Counsellor in a rehabilitation centre, a Probation Officer in the District Child Protection Society, a Marriage Counsellor, and more.


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