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Communicative English as a Vocational Degree Course was introduced in Gokhale Memorial Girls' College under the aegis of the then Department of English of the Institution in 1994. In accordance with the guidelines of the University Grants Commission, the three-year Course aims at training students for direct employment after graduation. However, the syllabus and particularly the revised syllabus which was introduced with the implementation of the Choice Based Credit System, has ample scope to orient interested students towards higher studies in varied disciplines. The introduction of the new syllabus has witnessed a higher rate of progression to higher education vis-a-vis reflecting a healthy shift to the job sector as well.
The syllabus includes both Theory and Practical components. Students are taught Language and Pronunciation Skills along with specialised components of Phonetics and Phonology. Interviewing, Demonstration Broadcasting, Anchoring and Telecasting Skills are taught to students both in theoretical and practical capacity. They are taught to prepare Project Reports and this involves research and field work as well as first-hand job experience through a four-week internship in the Media sector. With the introduction of the CBCS, newer disciplines like Public Relations (which was part of the syllabus but is taught more in detail now), Translation Studies, Creative Writing, Sociolinguistics, Editing, Publishing and Technical Writing along with Skill Enhancement training enable students to learn more and have more branches to choose from either while applying for jobs or for higher studies.


Vision & Mission

The vision of the Department is to perform a transformative role for the students, foster a spirit of enquiry, articulate social and professional concerns from the curriculum design and scope of the syllabi, set ethical standards in thought, execution and action and enable the making of responsible citizens, thorough professionals and compassionate empathetic human beings.


This Vision merges into the following missions:

  • Academic Excellence to provide a good teaching and a learning environment that gives priority to the requirements of students.
  • To widen the horizon of departmental activities for students to address requirements of being remarkable professionals in their chosen field and to promote the zeal for learning.
  • To Empower and prepare students for capacity development, provide access to knowledge, extend academic and administrative assistance and facilitate employability..





The students of this undergraduate discipline are trained both for entering the professional world after their graduation as well as to pursue higher studies and research if one has the aptitude and orientation. In addition, they are, in all sincerity and as an organised prerogative, taught soft skills practically on every-lecture basis which they are able to successfully execute when they go for job interviews or actually embark on a professional journey thereafter. In addition to all forms of qualitative and quantitative skill enhancement, life skills and other motivational guidelines which are provided always reflect in the behaviour and overall personality of the students. Not just confidence but empathy, not just competence but compassion and patience can all be seen in the students as and when they graduate. The mentoring sessions with students prepare them furthermore to confront the difficulties in their way.
As far as the core curriculum is concerned, it is currently under the Choice Based Credit System and the immediate outcomes include:


Students are not only well-trained in all the aspects that were covered by the (1+1+1) system but also learn new and varied courses under the semester system of undergraduate studies.
They are taught more courses, topics and areas of study over a period of a year than earlier (i.e., two semesters per academic year) and although covering the syllabus may sometimes be a challenge sometimes, it is very enriching for both teachers and students. In addition to the basic components of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing, they study more skill-enhancement courses and topics to further add to the basic training. Along with technical writing, essay and article writing along with business correspondence, they are taught travel writing, review writing, blog writing, travel and lifestyle narrative-writing, among others. They are taught components with both academic and professional merit like Translation Studies, Editing, Proofreading, Copywriting, Sociolinguistics and so on. They are trained in Media studies with topics covering history of media, scope, prospects and features to commercial demonstrations, anchoring across all formats, public announcements and so
on. Students are also offered a course on English Language Training to enable them to become language trainers. They are also trained to enter the professional world via On-the-job training. They are also trained to conduct surveys and prepare reports. Overall, they are taught to apply their soft skills and life skills in practical situations and after the duration of three years, they are able to apply their emotional and academic growth in their professional life.


Study Plan



Smt. Monami Ghosh
Smt. Monami Ghosh

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Smt. Sejuti Chowdhuri
Smt. Sejuti Chowdhuri

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Students from this department have graduated with distinction. The success rate of students in the subject is 100% and they make the Department proud by securing First Class marks on most occasions and also becoming University rank holders. On account of the training received, students of this department have been absorbed in as varied professional fields as public relations, teaching, mass media and print journalism, as well as front-desk, customer care and sales positions. They have been employed by Media Houses like Telegraph, NDTV, Corporate Houses like Lakme Enterprises, Jalan Distributors etc. Many are working in the IT sector companies such as TCS, IBM, WIPRO. All Communicative English students are required to take up English and either Philosophy or History as their elective subjects and find employment in schools too. Those interested in higher studies have opted for a post-graduate degree in Linguistics, Film Studies etc. Students from this department have graduated with distinction and the majority has been absorbed in as varied professional fields as public relations, teaching, mass media and print journalism, as well as front-desk, customer care and sales positions. Some students are also pursuing their doctoral degrees. Students have also cracked CAT/MAT and are pursuing MBA.







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