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(A Three-Year B.A. Major (Vocational) Course under the 1+1+1 New Regulations (2009) of University of Calcutta)

Course Outcomes

Communicative English is offered as a three-year Bachelor Degree (B.A. Major) Course affiliated to the University of Calcutta. This course is primarily vocational and therefore based on enabling students to gain professional training so as to attain jobs. There are in all 8 papers of 100 marks each.

  • Paper 1 comprises Phonetics and Phonology (Theory module) and aims at providing Speaking, Listening and Reading Competence (Practical module). Paper 2 is based on Remedial Grammar and enhances Language Competence. (Theory)
  • Paper 3 consists of writing skills relating to creative and constructive faculties in addition to all instances of Business English and aims at developing students' writing competence.
  • Paper 4 comprises Public Relations (Theory module) and Speaking skills. There is a Practical module which evaluates competence based on Group discussions, conversations and all or some instances of job interviews.
  • Paper 5 is based on Media Studies and Business Communications and helps the students to acquire knowledge on various types of mass media, their forms and functions, their problems and their impact on the society.
  • Paper 6 is based on General Knowledge Skills and Current Affairs (Theory). Students learn News-reading, Anchoring and Product Demonstrations (Practical). The paper helps students to develop their creative skills in media reading, writing, comparing etc.
  • Paper 7 requires the students to do an internship preferably at a Media House. If the internship is not at a media organisation, the students have to pursue an internship in marketing (at any organisation) along with an ELT tutorship of a student. In addition, the students have to submit a survey-based project on topics of socio-economic relevance. The objective is to enable students to experience and gain job skills in the corporate and media sector.
  • Paper 8 is common to all major courses and is an extra-departmental subject based on Entrepreneurship Development. All papers are of 100 marks each.


Program Outcomes

The objective of the Communicative English Program is to enable a student to:

  • Improve their skills of speaking and communication, their ability to generate content relevant to thematic topics and situations fluently, flawlessly and confidently without digressions.
  • Prepares them to face job interviews primarily in news media and advertising sectors with confidence and effective competence.
  • Provides a foundation for pursuing Post-graduate Degree and higher studies in allied disciplines like Public Relations, Language Studies, Translation and Linguistics and Mass Media and Communication.

Program Specific Outcome

The outcome of the programme is that on an average, employability of every student in the batch is enhanced as she has gained adequate knowledge and perspective and has done good practice to gain representation in the career of her choice depending on her competence and her priority. At the end of the 3-year programme, student become eligible to apply for jobs in the media, advertising firms, IT companies, PR agencies and other organisations depending on their specific eligibility. They also become eligible to pursue higher studies in allied disciplines.