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(A Three-year Honours Course under the 1+1+1 New Regulations (2009) of University of Calcutta and confers both B.A. and B.Sc. degrees)

Course Outcome - Geography Honours

The 1+1+1 system of undergraduate Honours education of the University of Calcutta is a combination of six theoretical papers of a total of 500 marks and four practical papers of a total of 300 marks.

CO1 Part-I syllabi of Geography covers two theory papers of 150 marks in which are included Geo-tectonics, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Oceanography and Economic Geography. The 50 marks practical component covers concepts and applications of scales and cartograms: Identification of rock and mineral specimens and study of geological maps.

CO2 Similarly the Part-II syllabi involve two theory papers of 150 marks that teach climatology, Soil Geography, Bio Geography, Political & Social Geography. The 50 marks practical components is a combination of the study of Survey of India Topographical sheets and Survey equipment that includes Prismatic Compass and Dumpy Level.

CO3 The Part-III syllabi consists of two theory papers of 200 marks that cover Population, Settlements , Culture, Geographical thought , Environmental Hazards and contemporary issues. The Practical component of 200 marks is a combination of four modules. Higher Cartograms, Soil and Climatological data mapping, Geographical information systems, Satellite image, Aerial Photograph mapping, Statistical Techniques and Hazard mapping are taught in these papers. Preparation of questionnaire and Field Reports which is a culmination of Geographical excursion is incorporated in part-III practical.


Program Outcomes - Geography Honours

Completion of the 1+1+1 Honours course in Geography prepares learners simultaneously for professions and higher learning. The high scorers proceed for post-graduation degrees In Calcutta and outside. The medium scorers enroll for courses that prepare them for All India Level Competitive Examinations. Scorers at the low end will directly move on to the service sectors seeking employment in Govt. and Private institutions including schools, Investment and Insurance companies as well as multinational consultancy services.


Program Specific Outcome - Geography Honours

An Honours undergraduate degree in Geography opens up possibilities of enrolment in Human Resource, Hospital, Urban, Tourism and Environment management. With some advanced training in Remote Sensing, Geography Hons Graduates can be employed in institutes that work on resource, Infrastructure, Hazards and Hazard prone area mapping to name a few.