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(A Three-year B.Sc. (Honours) Course under 1+1+1 Regulations (2009) of University of Calcutta)

Course Outcomes - Mathematics Honours

The Three-year B.Sc. Mathematics Honours Course of the University of Calcutta enables the students to acquaint themselves with the methods towards the solution of the problems of the wide range of topics included in the syllabus. The course conducted by the University is an absolute necessity for the more advanced courses on the subject offered by different Universities in India and abroad.

The Course is comprehensive, well-planned and subject specific. The Three year course aims to familiarize the students with the theory and applications of :

CO1.Classical, Abstract and Linear Algebra to the solution of algebraic linear, non-linear and transcendental equations and systems of simultaneous linear equations.

CO2. Analytical Geometry of 2 and 3 Dimensions to the concept and use of vectors as a mathematical tool; the different types of coordinate systems

CO3. Differential Calculus of a single and several variables in investigating the behaviour of a wide range of sequences, series (finite and infinite), the differentiation of functions, determination of extrema.

CO4. Integral Calculus and Riemannian Integration for the evaluation of indefinite, definite and improper integrals and special functions.

CO5. Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations and the theory of Integral Transforms.

CO6. Operations Research, Linear Programming and Game Theory

CO7. Analytical Statics to studies of rigid bodies in equilibrium under coplanar and non-coplanar force systems.

CO8. Analytical Dynamics of a particle and rigid bodies.

CO9. Hydrostatics

CO10. Probability and Statistics

CO11. Computer Programming in FORTRAN/C and BASIC with hands-on training and Boolean Algebra

CO12. Numerical Methods with hands-on training


Program Outcomes - Mathematics Honours

  • Solve complex problems by critical understanding, analysis and synthesis.
  • Construct hypotheses and use theories, methods and evidence within their proper contexts.
  • Be acquainted with current research and developments in the subject.
  • Critically interpret data, write reports and apply the basic rules of evidence.
  • Select, interpret and critically evaluate information from a range of sources that include books, scientific reports, journals, case studies and the internet.
  • Develop proficiency in the analysis of complex physical problems and effectively use of mathematical or other appropriate techniques to solve them.
  • Demonstrate skills in the use of computers for control, data acquisition, and data analysis in experimental investigations
  • Communicate effectively by oral, written, computing and graphical means.
  • Make efforts to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.


Program Specific Outcome - Mathematics Honours

  • B. Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics program endeavors to instill in students with a genuine interest in their subject area by fostering a creative spirit to help them fulfill their potential, to become creative mathematician and to become successful in a wide range of professions where logical and analytical thinking is required. Create a hypothesis and appreciate how it relates to broader theories. Demonstrate a range of appropriate general skills including IT competency.
  • Be able to function in multidisciplinary teams by working cooperatively, creatively and responsibly as a member of a team.
  • Provide a systematic understanding of the concepts and theories of mathematics and their application in the real world to an advanced level, and enhance career prospects in a huge array of fields.